Q3: Is the use of the parking lot billed separately from the charge?

A3: Billing for parking is optional, and the Proof of Purchase for charging and parking can be included on the same receipt. Invoicing for parking, like other transactions, is the responsibility of the partner.

Q4: Is the energy sales price automatically updated? If so, how often? And who monitors that the prices are correct?

A4: The platform's CMS (Charger Management System) is operated by the partner. QiOn provides training to the partner's designated CMS administrator (CMSPA), who is responsible for pricing and transaction monitoring. The CMSPA is in charge of keeping energy sales prices up-to-date.

A4 (Continued): QiOn's role is to attend events or alerts related to the CMS functionality or communication with the Charger network, not to monitor energy prices.

Q5: Does Partner determine the ENERGY PROVIDER rate based on what, or how does the system select the value of energy over time?

A5: The CMSPA, designated by the partner, is responsible for determining the ENERGY PROVIDER rate. They have the authority to set rates based on various factors and considerations.

Q6: In the event that there are remainders after sharing, who keeps that money?

A6: In the profit-sharing model, any of the Associates can be selected to receive the remainder funds. This decision is made by the partner.

Q7: Can the partner request customization of the app for its customers/users?

A7: The App and the CMS are separate products. The App is highly customizable, and partners can request customizations. To explore customization options, please contact a QiOn Sales Representative.

Q8: Will there be a layout to upload the massive amount of information, or will it be one by one?

A8: The platform offers a report utility that can handle both extensive bulk uploads and single-entry data. Users can choose the most suitable method for their needs. All data can be downloaded as a CSV file for easy management.

Q9: What information is available to the partner for user data and data mining?

A9: The information of Partner users is securely stored and the responsibility of the Partner. The database is encrypted to ensure data privacy, and QiOn cannot access the details of this information. Data privacy and management are the sole responsibility of the partner.

Q10: Why is there a cost owner?

A10: The CMS platform is an international platform. In some countries the electricity cannot be charged and the price of the electricity must go to the cost owner in order to pay the price of energy in full.

Q11: How does the payment dispersion work?

A11: The payment dispersion follows a set procedure. Please see COSTS AND DISPERSION section for a detailed explanation of how the payment dispersion works.

B2C App

Q12: Will the App show the type of charger, plugs in place, and availability of chargers?

A12: Yes, the App provides information about the type of charger, plug availability, and the status of chargers, ensuring users have up-to-date information for convenient charging.

Q13: Will we have a loyalty program?

A13: The platform does not include a predefined loyalty program. It's a versatile solution, and the development and deployment of any loyalty program or commercial strategy are at the discretion of the partner.

Q14: Will we send notifications to users through the app about new charging sites, promotions, etc.? If so, can we send regionalized notifications?

A14: The platform operates according to international standards and restrictions, which may limit regionalized notifications. Standard notifications are not designed to include promotions or new charging site alerts.

A14: (Continued): If you require customized regionalized notifications or additional features, please contact a QiOn Sales Rep for custom app development options.

Q15: Where do you register them with fiscal data so that the system can deposit the money that corresponds to them?

A15: All payment processing is handled securely by Stripe. Associates who participate in profit sharing, including the partner, need to subscribe to Stripe. Stripe stores the necessary financial information securely.

A15: (Continued): Depending on the country and local legislation, Stripe may offer invoicing as part of its services.

User Incidents

Q16: What happens if charging fails?

A16: The resolution of charging failures depends on the nature of the fault and the Care Package contracted by the user.

Q17: How are duplicate charges addressed?

A17: Resolving duplicate charges is the responsibility of the partner's CMSPA, who manages the Stripe-Partner relationship.

Q18: What if the rate charged doesn't match the rate indicated in the app?

A18: The CMSPA, designated by the partner, is responsible for resolving rate discrepancies and managing the Stripe-Partner relationship.

Q19: What if a charge is initiated, but the plug remains blocked?

A19: On the QiOn platform, plugs do not have blocking mechanisms. If a charge appears blocked, it should be reported, and the CMSPA will manage the Stripe-Partner relationship to resolve the issue.

Q20: What should I do if a QR code is not generated?

A20: QR codes are generated directly on the charger screen. If you encounter issues with QR code generation, please report the problem for assistance.

Q21: How are billing problems addressed?

A21: Resolving billing problems is the responsibility of the partner's CMSPA, who manages the Stripe-Partner relationship.

Q22: What if there is a billing error?

A22: Billing errors should be reported to the partner's CMSPA, who manages the Stripe-Partner relationship.

Q23: What if the charging doesn't stop when it should?

A23: All chargers feature a stop button for users to manually stop charging in such cases.

Q24: What if transaction details do not appear in the app?

A24: If you do not see transaction details in the app and also on the CMS, please contact QiOn Support for assistance.

Q25: What if I arrive at a charger, and it's busy despite the app showing it as available?

A25: Station operation is the responsibility of the partner, and the app does not offer queue support. It's possible that another user arrived before you, occupying the charger.

Q26: What if I'm charged at a bank terminal by the EV station dispatcher?

A26: QiOn does not use bank terminals for charging transactions.

Q27: Can I check the charge rate in the app?

A27: Yes, the app provides information about the charge rate in real-time.

Q28: Can I schedule a charge in advance?

A28: Charging scheduling is not currently supported on the platform.

QinnoSys Products FAQs
QinnoSys Products FAQs
Platform Administration

Q1: Will Partner issue an invoice for each transaction in which it receives money (from the collection of its fee to the associate)?

A1: Yes, invoicing is the responsibility of the partner. They are responsible for issuing invoices for all transactions involving the collection of fees from associates.

Q2: Who will be responsible for issuing tax receipts to users? And under what concept?

A2: The platform primarily focuses on Charger Administration, Charging Events, and Pricing. It's not intended to be an Ev Station Operation Platform. Therefore, tax receipt issuance to users is not within its scope.