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Charger Interoperability Systems Inc, an American company with a global footprint, is at the forefront of electric mobility innovation. As the trusted provider of intellectual property and software solutions for QiOn Tech and XCPower, we pioneer cutting-edge technology for the electric vehicle ecosystem. Our expertise spans from Battery Management System (BMS) microcode to Fleet Management, Charger Control, and Charging Stations Site Selection. With a commitment to excellence and sustainability, we lead the charge in shaping the future of transportation worldwide.


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Our services drive the future of electric mobility. Explore our market-leading solutions, from streamlined software to custom development, mastery in microcode and transactions, to dominance in multisystem, multivendor integration. Join us on the journey to a brighter, more connected future.


Multisystem Multivendor Integration and Monitoring


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Microcode and Transaction Services for EV Systems


Are you ready to shape the future of electric mobility? We're looking for forward-thinking individuals to join our global team. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability drives us, and we're searching for like-minded talents who share our vision. Explore career opportunities that offer challenges, growth, and the chance to redefine the future of transportation. Join us in driving positive change, one innovative step at a time.